Pictures From March 2005 Meeting

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Lawrence Thomas must spend a lot of time in his shop. This month he brought in two beautiful vessels. The one on the right is a large fluted vessel turned from a Red Oak burl and the smaller vessel on the left was turned from Chinese Elm. Both pieces have a lacquer finish the way only Lawrence can do it.

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Earl Roberson brought in a nice piece of laminated glue-up and a bottle stopper made from the material. Earl used Walnut, Mahogany and Maple for the glue up to make an eight-pointed star.

Brown displayed a steady-rest he made after seeing the one Nelson Brooks brought with him for his pepper-mill demo. In addition Mel has put it to use. He exhibited his first attempt at a Clay Foster "Wobble pot" and a short Cherry piece. Mel has many talents. He even turned a small bark-edge bowl.

Jerry Osmundson has a lot of talent. He turned several tops and bottle-stoppers. It seemed that we all had to spin those tops just a few times to make sure that they really work.

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Look closely at this nice bark-edge bowl. Jim Black turned it from a nice piece of Boxelder. This one came off the lathe and broke in several pieces. One would have a hard time finding the glue lines where Jim glued it back together. To make them easier to find, Jim highlighted the edges with a fine black line. It made for a beautiful design change.

This unusual star-shaped bowl was turned by Pat Johnson from Ash. Wouldn’t you like to know how he did that?

Will Pate has gotten an early start on turning his tree ornaments for this year. Have you started yet? Let’s get them turned and bring them in early.

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Chris Pruitt was watching close when Clay Foster showed off his eggshell finish. This small vessel is Chris’ first attempt. It really looks nice.

Wow! John Roth brought in a beautiful matching bowl and vase. Both pieces were made of Walnut and Basswood. John then added a super nice chip carving to each to set them apart from the usual turnings. These are truly out standing pieces.

Ray Morgan has become a prolific turner of pens. To make these fine-writing instruments, Ray looks for the special and exotic woods. He also uses dyed woods, plastics, deer antler and whatever he can find that will make beautiful pens.

Our program this month consisted of a "round robin" of club talent. This club has a wide range of turners with specialties to pass on to anyone who wants to learn.
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Maurice Clabaugh turned bark-edge bowls and explained everything from how to position the wood on the lath to how to keep the bark on the bowl.

John Carpenter displayed his talent with turning pens.

Bill West showed us how he turns tops and weed pots. Everyone liked his weed pot with a captive ring
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Lawrence Thomas turned baby rattles and tree ornaments.

Pat Johnson had a wealth of knowledge to share about sharpening turning tools. Pat covered everything from what type wheel to use to the various sharpening jigs to use

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Phil Duffy covered the details of turning a lidded box and such things as how to align the grain of the lid to match the box.

A special thanks to the ladies for the wonderful lunch. It was really delicious.

Photos by James Armstrong