November 2009 - Round Robin

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This Month was our Round Robin and we had
Many great demonstartions going on.
Alan_Stanton_3rd_Enh Bill_Hubbard_1st_Adv Childrens_Hospital Childrens_Hospital_CEO Childrens_Hospital_CEO2
Alan Stanton Bill Hubbard Childrens Hospital Childrens Hosptial CEO Childrens Hosptial CEO
Chris_Bowman_1st_Beg Chris_Bowman_2nd_Beg David_Tucker James_Files Jerry_Osmundson
Chris Bowman Chris Bowman David Tucker James Files Jerry Osmundson
Larry_Thomas_1st_Enh Larry_Thomas_2nd_Adv Larry_Thomas_2nd_Enh Larry_Thomas_Joke Malcolm_Fifer
Larry Thomas Larry Thomas Larry Thomas Larry Thomas Malcolm Fifer
Malcolm_Fifer_1st_Int Paul_Grexuex Paul_Grexuex_3rd_Beg Ray_Morgan_3rd_Int Staten_Tate
Malcolm Fifer Paul Genereux Paul Genereux Ray Morgan Staten Tate
Tommy_Hartline Will_Pate_2nd_Int Will_Pate_3rd_Adv
Tommy Hartline Will Pate Will Pate