Pictures from the June 2006 Meeting

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asc00169    asc00172

We can always count on Pat Johnson to put on a great demo for us. Of course, this month was no exception. Pat always has something new and fresh and challenging to show us - but he makes it look so easy. Most of us left the meeting determined to try the clover box he turned for us.

dsc00135 dsc00137 dsc00139 dsc00143 dsc00144
Nevin Newton Lawrence Thomas Maurice Clabaugh Bill Cleage Tom Irby
dsc00147 dsc00149 dsc00151 dsc00152 dsc00154
Staten Tate Dave Chanslor Jerry Bickenbach Bob Henry Ian Connell
dsc00156 dsc00159 dsc00174   dsc00176
Pat Connell Moody Davis Woodcraft Woodturners Day

We appreciate James Armstrong for the pictures and comments each month.