February 2008 Meeting

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Lawrence Thomas
Lawrence gave a get talk about different finishes and technique
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Shaun Swanner Robert Scheitlin Maurice Clabaugh Jess Walls
DSC00061 DSC00062 DSC00063 DSC00064 DSC00065
Jess Walls Anonymus
DSC00065a DSC00066 DSC00067 DSC00068 DSC00069
Anonymous Nevin R Newton
DSC00070 DSC00071 DSC00072 DSC00073 DSC00074
Nevin R Newton Worth Barham
DSC00075 DSC00077 DSC00078 DSC00079 DSC00080
Henery Wilson Bill Hubbard Staten Tate Moody Davis Brian Simmons
DSC00081 DSC00082 DSC00083 DSC00084 DSC00085
Brian Simmons Kevin Felderhoft Bob Henry James Files Rodger Smith