Title Featured Artist Author Date Pages
Woodturning Masterclass  Boase, Tony Boase, Tony 1995 145
Polychromatic Assembly for Woodturning Brown, Emmett E. & Cyril Brown Brown, Emmett & Cyril 1982 113
Woodturning - A Fresh Approach Chapman, Robert Chapman, Robert 1999 212
Turning Candlesticks Cripps, Mike Cripps, Mike 1998 64
Woodturning Methods Darlow, Mike Darlow, Mike 1999 194
Woodturning Techniques Darlow, Mike Darlow, Mike 2001 192
Basic Bowl Turning Ditmer, Judy Ditmer, Judy 1994 64
The Fine art of Small-Scale Woodturning Duce, William R. Duce, William R. 1999 144
Turning Lathes - Fourth Edition 1894 Guide Astragal Press 1896 192
Identifying Wood - Accurate results with simple tools Hoadley, R. Bruce Hoadley, R. Bruce 1933 223
Understanding Wood - A craftsman's guide to wood technology Hoadley, R. Bruce Hoadley, R. Bruce 1980 256
Woodturning - A Source Book of Shapes Hunnex, John Hunnex, John 1993 142
Contemporary Turned Wood Leier, Peters, Wallace Leier, Peters, Wallace 1999 128
The Wood Sanding Book Nagyszalanczy, Sandor Nagyszalanczy, Sandor 1997 213
Woodturning - A Guide to Advanced Techniques O'Neill, Hugh O'Neill, Hugh 1994 191
Turning Boxes Raffan, Richard Raffan, Richard 1998 171
Turning Wood Raffan, Richard Raffan, Richard 1985 164
Dictionary of Woodworking Tools c. 1700 - 1970 and tools of Allied Trades Salaman, R.A. Salaman, R.A. 1975 546
Pens from the Wood Lathe Sing, Dick Sing, Dick 1996 64
The Art of The Lathe Spielman, Patrick Spielman, Patrick 1996 160
Woodturning Wizardry Springett, David Springett, David 1993 230
Boxes - 50 Designs Stott, Chris Stott, Chris 2002 178
Practical Tips for Turners & Carvers Woodturning Magazine Guild of Master Craftsman Pub. 1995 69
Enter the World of Lathe-Turned Objects York Graphic Services, Inc York Graphic Services, Inc 1997 143
Decorative Techniques for Woodturners   Bowden, Hilary 1996 168
Title Featured Artist Author Date Pages
Growth through Sharing AAW 10th Ann. Guilford College Art Gallery 1996 16
Woodworker's Guide to Compound Miters Copy Bridge City   19

Library listing last updated April 2005
Title Featured Artist Author Date Format
Inlaying Batista, Bill     CV
Hand Thread Chasing Batty, Allan     VHS
Turned Christmas Ornaments  (copy of Woodcrafting) Baxter, Willard     CV
Turned Christmas Ornaments (original copy of Woodcrafting) Baxter, Willard     CV
Bowl Turning Bosch, Trent     CV
Pens and Bottle Stoppers Chandler, Gary     CV
Turning Through a Knothole Clabaugh, Maurice     CV
Turnaround Clewes, Jimmy     DVD
Bowl with Corian and Lid, part I Haslak, Larry     CV
Hollow Vessel, part 2 Haslak, Larry     CV
Hollow Forms the Easy Way Jamieson, Lyle     VHS
Tool & Hollower   - 15 min, Woodcut / Bowl Saver  - 18 min, Vega Pro Duplicator - 60 min, Vega Spiral Fluting Attachment - 24 min (copy) Kelton Industries     CV
?  Part I Mahony, Mike     CV
Hollow Turning and Chasing Threads, part 2 Mahony, Mike     CV
Platters, part 3 Mahony, Mike     CV
Turning on the Bias Miller, Herschel from Memphis, TN     CV
Segmented Bowls, part 2 Russell, Don     CV
Segmented Bowls, part I Russell, Don     CV
Intro to Segmented Turning Theobald, Curt     VHS
Segmented Patterns Theobald, Curt     VHS
Chainsaws and Coring Yates, Joe     CV
Hollow Forms Yates, Joe     CV
Hollow Turning Tools Yates, Joe     CV
Chair Making 2-10-01       CV
Chair Making 2-10-01, end of demo       CV
The how-to of segmenting Nevin Newton      CV
 Chip carving John Roth     CV
An Intro to Bowl Turning AAW   1997  
Who We Are - What We Offer AAW   2002  
Who We Are - What We Offer AAW   2002  
Wood Crafting Baxter      
Decorative Utility Bowls Bosch, Trent   2003  
Vessels of Illusion Bosch, Trent      
Woodturning: Projects for Everone          Vol. 1 Cook, Nick      
Woodturning: Projects for Everone          Vol. 2 Cook, Nick      
Signatures in Wood Ditmen, Holzapfel, Scalpini      
Tools for Hollowing Turning Ellsworth, David      
Joe Jett (Gettys) Gettys, Joe      
Michael Hosaluk 11-24-2001         Part II Hosaluk, Michael      
Michael Hosaluk 11-24-2001         Part I Hosaluk, Michael      
Michael Hosaluk 11-24-2001        Part III Hosaluk, Michael      
Hollow Forms - The Easy Way Jamieson, Lyle      
Bowl Turning Jordan, John GMC Pub.    
Hollow Turning Jordan, John GMC Pub.    
Techniques & Projects Klein, Bonnie      
Turning Unusual Materials Klein, Bonnie      
Ed Moulthrop - Woodturning Pioneer Moulthrop, Ed AAW Series    
Rude Osolnik, Dean of American Woodturners Osolnik, Rude Wood Master Series    
A Basic Bowl on the Lathe Raffan, Richard      
Turning a Box with a Fitted Lid Raffan, Richard      
Turning Wood Raffan, Richard      
Turning Boxes Raffan, Richard      
Turning Boxes Raffan, Richard      
Turning Projects Raffan, Richard      
Turning Projects from Scrap Rosand, Robert 1998 AAW    
Pen Tape Sizemore, Alton      
Woodturning Wizardry Springett, David      
Inlaid & Novelty Boxes Stott, Chris      
Natural Edges & Hollow Forms Stott, Chris      
Natural Edges & Hollow Forms Stott, Chris      
Basic Off Centre Turning Stott, Chris      
Twists & Advanced Turning - Dennis White Teaches Woodturning White, Dennis GMC Pub.    
Turning Bowls White, Dennis      
Nichols Lathe        

Library listing last updated April 2005
Title Issue Date Pages
American Woodturner December 1993 54
American Woodturner September 1993 52
American Woodturner June 1994 48
American Woodturner September 1994 48
American Woodturner December 1997 64
American Woodturner June 1997 60
American Woodturner Fall 1998 56
American Woodturner Spring 1998 56
American Woodturner Summer 1998 54
American Woodturner Spring 1999 58
American Woodturner Spring 2001 64
American Woodturner Fall 2003 72
American Woodturner Winter 2003 72
American Woodturner Spring 2003 66
American Woodturner Summer 2003 62
Fine WoodWorking February 1995 126
Fine WoodWorking December 1999 140
Fine WoodWorking February 1999 130
Fine WoodWorking October 2000 130
Woodturning February 1998 88
Woodturning November 1998 96
Woodturning February 1999 96
Woodturning April 2000 96
Woodwork December 1996 87
Woodwork October 2000 79

Library listing last updated April 2005